BREAKING: Collective Digital Studio DROPS Sam Pepper


We have received confirmation from Collective Digital Studio that they have dropped Sam Pepper from their roster after a prank video sparked massive outrage and accusations of sexual assault off-camera began to mount.

We had attempted through various means to get comment from CDS regarding this issue for the past couple of days. Earlier this afternoon, we were told by Karlyn Nelson, a CDS spokesperson, that she “can confirm that Collective Digital Studio is no longer working with Sam Pepper.”

This comes as more accusations begin to mount, including this report from Buzzfeed, which, among others we’ve reported, includes a then-15 year old fan of Pepper’s who allegedly, according to screenshots the fan posted, requested nude photos, stating “not sure if i’m that into you” and “you need to convince me.”

On Dottie Martin’s “A Cautionary Tale” vlog, some comments (amid hateful, hateful responses) jumped out at us:





Rumors still persist that Pepper’s YouTube account has been suspended, but no evidence has been able to confirm that, and his account still appears as active to us.

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