BroadbandTV & FremantleMedia Team Up To Make Sweet Music

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When the bar starts to close, you look for any damn person who is left. We’re not saying that’s how FremantleMedia and BroadBandTV got together, but in the wake of Fullscreen’s apparent sale to The Chernin Group, we’re also not saying that’s not what happened.

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BroadbandTV has partnered with FremantleMedia’s online production arm, Tiny Riot!, in a multi-year deal to produce original content across the vast reaches of the world wide web.

“We’re thrilled to continue our relationship with the talented people at Tiny Riot! and FremantleMedia as we announce our second major initiative together. The team produces a number of popular and renowned shows such as Got Talent, The X Factor and Family Feud,” commented the lovely and brilliant Shahrzad Rafati, Founder & CEO BroadbandTV. “FremantleMedia is YouTube’s biggest independent TV production partner and this partnership will combine our joint expertise, resources and reach to create, market and distribute compelling original content for the millennial audience with a focus on genres such as entertainment and gaming.”

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Earlier BroadbandTV struck a deal to manage the online life of over 200 of FremantleMedia’s television and media holdings including “Baywatch,” “The Price is Right” and “Chad Sexington’s Dirty Adventures On Nude Island” (okay, we made that last one up). Apparently BroadbandTV managed the hell out of those properties because Fremantle is back for more.

Stay tuned to see what the creative heads at this new partnership dream up.

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