BroadbandTV ReBrands Gaming Network TGN With 11 New Shows

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BroadbandTV must have realized the value of gaming’s future …

The 3rd-largest MCN, BroadbandTV has just announced a total rebrand of their gaming network TGN, bringing in a phalanx of new shows to up its association with the virtual world. With the rebrand comes nine new shows on YouTube, two new live shows on Twitch and over 1000 new digital assets.

“We know that serious gaming creators are aspirational, they want to be with a network that operates at the highest level, “Shahrzad Rafati, Founder and CEO, BroadbandTV, comments. “Our goal is to build the ultimate ecosystem for gamers and we’re making a broad range of investments into the TGN brand, including a key focus on content and higher-end programming. We’re also building a stronger core destination for our community to engage and placing an increased focus on our partner experience team.”

In short, BroadbandTV just became the gamer’s best friend.