Can Jason Horton Build The Ultimate YouTube Haunted House?


We’re always pumped to see a new project in the works from one of our favorite creators, so naturally we’re psyched about Jason Horton’s latest. Jason wants to take advantage of the rad new haunted mansion set built by YouTube and Legendary at the YouTube Space LA to build an awesome interactive haunted house series just in time for Halloween. It’s a pretty exciting idea, a choose your own adventure style amble through a seriously creepy haunted house packed with some of our favorite YouTubers.

To make it happen Jason is asking for some help from fans. Interactive videos are time and labor intensive and there’s a cost to do it right. He’s launched an Indiegogo campaign to crowd fund the project and offering loads of rewards for anyone who wants to chip in. Check out the project and donate if you’ve got a few dimes to spare, because we really want to see this thing happen.