Cartoon Network Teams With Viners To Fight Bullying

Vine stars are the hottest item on the social media market and everyone wants one of their own. That includes Cartoon Network, who have tapped a team of Viners on the rise for an anti-bullying campaign aimed at teens and families. The network, which already has a large teen and tween audience, has partnered with Mike Bennett, Jack Dytrych, Maddy Esther, and Tony Serafini who Vines as Bottlerocket. All four Vine stars will create Vine’s tied to the theme of Bullying Prevention, which will be posted under the hashtags #CartoonNetwork and #ISpeakUp. The content will be promoted by Cartoon network on its other social media channels.

Mike Bennett posted this Vine for the campaign featuring characters from CTN’s popular Adventure Time franchise
Tony Serafini of Bottlerocket aims to reach families with this clip.
October is National Bullying Prevention Month and Cartoon Network, which has a large teen audience, is running with the campaign across all of its social media platforms. Vine, however, is notoriously difficult for brands to master even when it’s for a good cause. That’s why forward-thinking brands are increasingly turning to creators who are experienced in the space to create content for them. All four creators will be have free reign of what and when they post, but have received guidelines from Cartoon Network. Partnerships like this can be risky for everyone involved, but Cartnoon Network is putting its trust in its creator partners to make something that both can stand behind.