ChescaLeigh Calls Shane Dawson Out For ‘Racist Humor’

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Wow. Okay, so YouTube is on the verge of exploding. No, not literally, but definitely emotionally. This Sam Pepper stuff has jangled free some emotional rage that is just starting to boil over.

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Now with YouTubers coming out left and right with their horror stories of emotional/physical abuse at the hands of other YouTubers, we are beginning to see the accountability button being pushed on other YouTubers.

Are YouTubers beginning to police themselves for content responsibility? Or has the YouTube version of a witch hunt officially begun?

This back and forth on Twitter between YouTubers Chescaleigh and Shane Dawson JUST HAPPENED:

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But in effect, it has been happening for years. NMR last covered the interaction via a flame war between the two during the Harriet Tubman Sex Tape controversy. ChescaLeigh took Shauna Malcolm to task back then (and now, see the “McNigglets” comment above) for being involved in what she felt was a racially insensitive video, and Shauna’s friend, Shane Dawson, got involved. Now the two are at it again, this time over Shane’s overall YouTube content. Certainly his edgier videos have never been a secret before, but now ChescaLeigh is bringing up the question of whether Shane should be profiting from it.

As she points out on her blog, Shane has made a lot of money off of doing controversial topic humor. So now that Sam Pepper has been dropped by his MCN, Collective Digital Studio, ChescaLeigh is asking why people aren’t more up in arms about a lot of what Shane has been getting away with.

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Certainly valid points can be made on both sides — some (who will not go on record) are saying that ChescaLeigh is just trying to stir up controversy because her views are lagging at the moment. Others are saying that this is a conversation that should have happened a while ago.

Shane has tried to bury the hatchet between the two, but it doesn’t look as if ChescaLeigh is going to let this one drop. And maybe she shouldn’t? Should there be additional rules censoring racially-fuelled content on YouTube that is applicable to all races? Or maybe YouTubers should just finally realize the long-term consequences of immature and/or thoughtless humor?

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