Chuck E Cheese’s Rips Off DudeLikeHELLA Video

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Dude Like Hella is royally pissed off … and rightfully so.

Cory Williams, who goes by the better-known YouTube monniker Mr. Safety on his SMPFilms channel, or DudeLikeHELLA on his more personal channel allegedly just got ripped off by Chuck E Cheese’s — and not in the “I feel greasy and miserable because I just ate cheap pizza” way. Nope, apparently they totally jacked his content and have been playing it apparently for months in their restaurants.

Green Screen Challenge – Cats from Cory on Vimeo.

The misappropriated content, which Williams points out in his rage video is taken from his Vimeo account, where in the video settings it explicitly states “No Creative Commons License.” In short, you can’t just jack the video.

Williams first learned of the video, called Green Screen Challenge — Cats being put in use by Chuck E Cheese’s from a fan of his. He then went into the restaurant’s Anchorage, Alaska location to verify for himself — bringing along a video camera and his cats. That happened on Aug. 24 of this year. So for the last several weeks he’s been figuring out his options, seething, and lawyering up. As he mentions in his footage, he’s doing it not for the money, but for the independent artists everywhere who’ve been jobbed by the system. Now Cory is asking that you spread this video to spread the word. Message received loud and clear, Cory.

We’ve reached out to both Cory and Chuck E Cheese’s for comment. We’ll update when they get back to us.

For now, spread the word and, we don’t know, boycott Chuck E Cheese’s until this whole mess gets straightened out. Hell, we’ve been boycotting Chuck E Cheese’s for the last 15 years …