Collective Digital Partners With E! Correspondent Maria Menounos

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The latest migration from independent to YouTube MCN is the lovely and lively E! correspondent Maria Menounos, who, with her producer Keven Undergaro (and boyfriend … ooh, Keven and Maria, sittin’ in a tree …) will partner with Collective Digital Studios.

Maria and Keven, who both have difficult last names that are too long to type out more than once, are already a presence on YouTube with their channel AfterBuzzTV. AfterBuzzTV dedicates itself to the discussion of after-shows … that is to say, right after the show airs, a video pops up that discusses all the whatnot about what went down — total watercooler talk online.

The duo are more in the producer’s seat for this channel that has over 200 million weekly downloads in 20 different countries, but with numbers like that, they certainly break the stigma of “mainstream Hollywood can’t succeed on YouTube.”

“We wanted to work with AfterBuzz TV because their concept is one that’s rarely seen in the online community. Keven and Maria have created something truly innovative, an online broadcast network devoted to producing ‘after-shows’ for popular TV shows where major topics are discussed and A-list guests are interviewed,” said Dan Weinstein, President at CDS. “They already have an impressive online presence, so to have the opportunity to expand their channel’s overall awareness on YouTube is right in our wheelhouse. We are so excited to be working with Keven and Maria.”

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This is a great asset for the Collective stable — and Collective, with its menagerie of top talents, should be a great fit for Maria and Keven. And let’s not forget that it will benefit all of us viewers too!