College Humor Is Getting Weird…er


The College Humor team must have lost it — like more than before. The channel best known for their zany sketches has launched a brand new channel, CH2, featuring…zanier sketches? The new channel launched today and we’re not quite sure what to expect. The comedy is a little more out there than we’re used to, even from the College Humor gang, but so far it looks pretty promising. If first few videos are any indication it looks like we can look forward to a characters with names like PussyFace, animated shorts about homicidal superheroes, and an introduction to the most believably unbelievable early 90’s daytime drama ever: Moonwatch.

According to the channel trailer College Humor is trying something new with their second channel. CH2 will serve as an incubator where the team at college humor can try out some of their more experimental ideas. You can expect some more outré stuff from the familiar CH faces like Mike Karnell as well as content from new creatives from across the internet. What sketch writer or content creator wouldn’t want a chance to show off their newest stuff to College Humor’s huge audience? The channel will feature the work of “the funniest…and not too busy-est people on the internet.”

We’re pumped to see what CH2 has in store for us, even if we’re pretty sure that they’ve lost their goddamned minds.