Connor Franta’s Tumblr Doesn’t Detail His Charitable Side

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A young, 22-year-old guy on the internet — you’d think his Tumblr page would be an ode to fast cars and faster women. But that’s not the case with Connor Franta, who has devoted his personal page to more introspective pursuits. Clearly dogs, nature and reading are important to the YouTuber — as shown by his wealth of photos on the matter.

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What we’d like to see more of though is the evidence of Connor’s charitable actions — not only is he down to Earth, he cares about the Earth. Connor’s charity of choice? The Thirst Project — an initiative to bring clean water to third-world countries. For his Sept. 12 birthday, Connor asked that instead of presents, his fans donate to The Thirst Project.

And they did. Over $75,000 was raised in the first 48 hours on Prizeo — and the amount is now over $120,000 with still 25 days to go.

Perhaps Connor’s Tumblr page can stay a relaxing ode to his many favorite things and NMR can do the talking about his charity work for him?