‘Destiny’ Can Thank YouTube For Biggest Opening in History


Activision’s latest game release “Destiny” had a huge opening day with blockbuster numbers and much of that success can be attributed to YouTube. Activision wisely fronted the game with a highly shareable trailer which almost immediately went viral, garnering over 8 million views in under a week. The viral success generated a huge amount of buzz for “Destiny” in the gaming world. That buzz translated into the biggest opening in gaming history with over $500 million in sales in the first day.

The trailer is cinematic in nature, giving fans a taste not only of the graphics and game play but of “Destiny’s” narrative style. It also features the recognizable voice talents of the incomparably talented and currently very trendy Peter Dinklage. With the gaming market more competitive than it’s ever been, it’s important for new releases from capture attention early on and online video is one of the most valuable tools game makers have in their arsenal.

The link between gaming and online video has never been stronger. Yesterday we pointed out that fan-created video content has been partially responsible for the explosive growth of games like Minecraft. Gamers play and promote games via YouTube and Twitch channels and capturing the attention of these influencers is key to a successful release and to maintaining a franchise. It’s a lesson that Activision has learned from their “Call of Duty” franchise. Videos and live streams of CoD gameplay are mainstays of YouTube and Twitch and trailers for new releases from the series routinely draw millions of eye and shares.