Digiorno’s Pizza Accidentally Uses Domestic Abuse Hashtag For Ad

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In the glaring aftermath of the Ray Rice video released yesterday, an unsettling domestic abuse hashtag began trending: #whyIstayed. The hashtag is sobering access to a forum on why women stay in abusive relationships — apparently DiGiorno’s Pizza did not know this.

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DiGiorno’s, which runs a lively and fun Twitter feed in an attempt to make the most of social media marketing, then tweeted the following cringe-worthy in hindsight message:

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 11.37.33 AM

Ugh. They deleted it quickly after discovering what they’d done, but not before screenshots aplenty were taken and a sharp backlash was mounted. Now DiGiorno’s is in that awkward place of figuring out how to unscrew the proverbial pooch.

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Perhaps brilliantly, they’ve decided to take the approach of directly apologizing to every person they offended. It’s a bold move, Cotton; let’s see if it works.

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