Drew Carey Puts $10,000 Bounty On Ice Bucket Punks

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So Drew Carey, host of “The Price Is Right” is straight up pissed about what happened to that autistic boy with the Ice Bucket Challenge. As we earlier reported, a teen with autism was the butt of a cruel joke when several of his classmates dumped feces, urine and cigarette butts on him instead of ice water. Now Drew Carey wants names. The comedian has pledged $10,000 to whomever identifies the punks who did this — or a charitable donation to an autism charity, Autism Speaks, if the police get to them first.

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Carey took to his Twitter account on Friday night to express his outrage over what happened to the boy, whose own camera was used to record the event and submit the video to Instagram.

If I were one of the guilty party, I would turn myself in, pay whatever small fine it is going to be and pocket the other $9500. Hell, if you can outrage enough celebrities, you can potentially turn dousing people in fecal waste into a career. On second thought, you should probably just be a good person instead.