‘Fresh Prince’ Turns 24: Here Are 24 Fresh Parodies

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Wanna feel old? I mean older than how old The Fine Bros. latest Teens React in which not-children are completely mystified by an NES system makes you feel?

“The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” is 24 years old today. Yup, somehow the FPoBA knew 24 years ago that Sept. 10 would be a key date in the fight for net neutrality, so they decided to stamp it in time by giving us Will Smith, “the Carlton,” that amazing rendition of “Apache,” “Uncle Phil” (also the voice of Shredder on the “Ninja Turtles” cartoon), Geoffrey the Butler and a whole hell of a lot of pop culture.

Such is the power of its theme song, I can still remember it word-for-word and use it to get out of sticky situations with schoolyard toughs. Nothing spells old school street cred like “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” And since that happens to be the case, we thought we’d share the 24 best Fresh Prince parodies, homages and clips from around YouTube. It’s like Will once said: “I noticed you noticing me and I just wanted to put you on notice that I noticed you back.” Damn, son … time for a marathon down down memory lane:

24. Fresh Pup of Bel Air

23. Some Sort of Red Cross Thing …

22. Carlton Dance Impression: Part One

21. Fresh Prince of Card Games

20. Wedding Party Does “Apache”

19. “Apache”

18. Carlton Dance Impression: Part 2

17. Fresh Dad of The Year

16. Mr. Eco — Prince of Fresh Air

15. Nerd of Bel Air

14. Carlton Does Michael Jackson

13. A Fresh Prince Tribute To Cadiovascular System

12. Graham Norton Reunion

11. Gender Reveal Fresh Prince

10. Fresh Breath of Farm Air

9. Jimmy Fallon Doing Neil Young Doing Fresh Prince

8. 5 Most Emotional “Fresh Prince” Moments

7. CDZA: Fresh Prince — Google Translated

6. How To Do The “Carlton” Dance Tutorial

5. Dormtainment — The Sitcom

4. The Actual “Carlton”

3. Hunter Davis Does Ian McKellan Doing Fresh Prince

2. College Humor: Fresh Prince Gangsta


1. The Classic