Fullscreen Nabs AwesomenessTV Star ThatSoJack


AwesomenessTV had better watch its back because it looks like rival MCN Fullscreen is coming for them hard. Just a few months after signing Awesomeness star Jenn McAllister, better known as JennXPenn, to a management deal, Fullscreen has struck again. Announcing today that they had signed Jack Baran better known by his vlogger alias ThatSoJack, Baran had previously been signed to Awesomeness but like McAllister has turned to Fullscreen for management and the possibility of more opportunities in mainstream media.

Baran’s YouTube channel ThatSoJack brings a fresh 905,000 subscribers to add to Fullscreen’s already impressive totals. He has a similarly wide reach on both Twitter and Instagram where he boasts over 800,000 and 700,000 followers respectively. Baran will join Fullscreen’s 360 management program which aims to help social media stars find opportunities in traditional entertainment. Jack has expressed an interest in acting and hosting. Fullscreen’s team will also work with Baran to develop a podcast, a recently popular option for YouTube creators looking to diversity their audience.

ThatSoJack will join Fullscreen’s extensive roster of young talent which includes vlogger super group O2L, comedian Brittani Louise Taylor and more recently YouTube superstar Grace Helbig. The recent influx of former AwesomenessTV talent suggests that while Fullscreen has a diverse entertainment roster, they might like to have a larger piece of the teen and tween audiences that are the main focus of Awesomeness. The full court press by Fullscreen’s management team must make an impressive pitch considering that AwesomenessTV and parent company Dreamworks Animation recently spend $15 million to acquire talent-focused network Big Frame as their in-house talent management division.