Gabe’s Watermelon Dodgeball Connects Melons With Faces


Sometimes, YouTubers can uncover a combination of words that simply have to be willed into existence. For Gabe Hohreiter (nearing 40,000 subscribers) and Landon Stahmer, that combination was “Watermelon Dodgeball.” Stahmer, who makes a number of musically-inclined videos on his own channel, pitched Gabe for his channel the idea of making a music video (later flubbed into “Music Song Video”) based on a selected comment from his audience.

Rather than simply show the result, Gabe also released videos about its creation along the way.



“I knew it was a good idea,” Gabe writes, “because it would put something musical on my channel and attract new viewers and … because it would be so interactive.” Concerns about time constraints aside — Hohreiter considers his channel “extracurricular” for the time being — he and Stahmer jumped headfirst into the idea, picking out “Watermelon Dodgeball” as their theme, “probably the immediate imagery it inspired” being its key virtue.



With an array of real and phony watermelons, they set out to make a ridiculous music video, going so far as smashing some of the real watermelons over a blue screen to composite in later. A full 10-hour shooting day in 90-degree heat, and two pick-up days of shooting later, “it’s safe to say we got in just a little over our heads,” Gabe writes.


The idea also included T-shirt designs (on sale over at Gabe’s Spreadshirt) and a full website with background information on the “founders” of WDB, a playable browser game, lyrics sheet, desktop backgrounds and an iTunes link to buy the song.

Being “definitely the biggest production I’ve done on my channel thus far,” Gabe’s found the video paid off dividends, as “everyone’s sharing it and I’m getting texts/emails from people I don’t usually hear from, telling me great job, and asking what’s wrong with me.”

Gabe’s channel is here, updated biweekly.