Gamer Timbuscus Gets a BeautyCon Makeover

Sequence 02 - Ted.Still008

At NMR we like to get everyone out of their comfort zone once in a while. That’s why we plucked Tim Baker, better known as Toby Turner’s gaming buddy Timbuscus, out from behind his game console and sent him to BeautyCon 2014. The gathering, which is designed for beauty and fashion gurus and their legions of internet fans, is about as far outside Tim’s usual world as you can get. Maybe he’ll discover a new found talent for applying foundation or crafting the perfect smokey eye. If anyone can turn Tim into a style icon it’s the gurus of BeautyCon.

Tim is pretty irresistible now so don’t feel bad if you can’t get enough. If that’s the case, then you’re definitely in luck because Tim is FINALLY launching his own channel. You expect plenty of Let’s Plays as well as game reivews, news, updates on gaming culture and even some sketch comedy. Tim’s channel goes live today and we couldn’t be more excited. Be sure the check him out, you know we’ll be watching.

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