Geeks Rejoice, Nerdist Fall Schedule Revealed


Chris Hardwick is on a mission to take internet culture and nerd passion to the mainstream. Hardwick is fresh off an appearance at the 2014 Emmys where he schooled the somewhat uncomprehending audience on the ways of internet trolls. Now Hardwick’s digital network, Nerdist Industries, has announced their new fall web series lineup via a post on the Nerdist blog and it’s everything you would expect.

The new fall slate includes returning staples like Nerdist News, gaming forum Nerdist Play, and pop-culture countdown The Dan Cave. Of course the real payoff is the new programming. The Nerdist network will premiere six all new shows over the coming weeks hitting just about every nerd hot spot imaginable. Everything from horror to a robot roadtrip is on the table this year so allow NMR to provide you with a quick primer on what you need to see.

The Adevntures Of This Sweet Electric – This one has actually already premiered and the first episode episode can be found on Created and starring comedian Liam Lynch, the show spoofs the familiar behind the music format with a behind-the-scenes look at a Robot Band gigging across the galaxy or possibly the future? Either way it’s good for a laugh.

Just Cosplay – Next up with a September 5th premier “Just Cosplay” will take viewers behind the scenes with some of the web’s most popular cosplayers to see how they create their most flawless looks.

Nerdist Presents – Premiering on September 10th “Nerdist Presents” is a bi-monthly sketch show designed to riff on timely pop-culture obsessions. Expect it to align perfectly with the buzziest shows and movies of the year.

Origin Story – A return to the emerging genre, a cosplay and fandom actor Adam Bowser star of Nerdist’s “Monster Machine” take viewer suggestions for popular characters to bring to life through costumes and props.

Real Housewives of Horror – Techically not a new release since the first episode premiered last year, this series will finally launch for real this fall. A parody of popular reality franchises like Bravo’s Real Housewives the show will feature the imagined wives of famous horror movie monsters, unlike the source material which features wives who actually ARE horror movie monsters. Hulu’s original series Hot Wives of Orlando proved this genre to be eminently spoofable and the horror movie twist provides extra parody material to play for laughs.

Scott Ian’s Bloodworks – This show doesn’t have a premiere date yet but it joins the raft of shows on web and traditional television that offers viewers a behind the scenes look at the art of horror movie special effects. As the title suggests the show will be hosted by Anthrax frontman Scott Ian.

In addition to its new slate of original shows Nerdist will be expanding its podcasting footprint. The network will release behind-the-scenes video editions of their most popular podcasts to give fans a look at how the talky nerd sausage is made. Another Nerdist favorite “All-Star Celebrity Bowling” will also return later this year, but not to its traditional home on the web. Nerdist parent company Legendary Entertainment has found the show a new television home with an eight episode run on AMC.