Goodbye Ice Bucket Challenge, Hello Isis Flag Burning Challenge

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Coming on the heels of Ice Bucket Challenge trend is a darker and more alarming new viral phenomenon — one with significantly more deadly consequences (perhaps).

The Isis Flag Burning Challenge sprung out of a social media campaign by three Lebanese youths and has now become a global hotbed. The eponymous challenge is achieved by burning the flag or a printed image of the terrorist organization’s flag and posting it to social media. The trend is in apparent outrage over the recent beheadings of two American journalists by the Muslim extremists faction.

While some, including Lebanon’s justice minister Ashraf Rifi, have cried out for the “strictest consequences” (yikes!) to be dealt upon those caught desecrating one of the flags because it uses the name of prophet Muhammad on it,Nabil Naqoula, a member of Lebanon’s Change and Reform parliamentary group, was far less severe:

“The youths who burned the Isis flag did not mean to insult the Islamic religion”, he said, adding that, “this flag does not represent Islam in the slightest.”