Grace Helbig’s Podcast Takes Top Spot on iTunes


Grace Helbig is one of YouTube’s top creators and also one of its busiest. Over the last eight months she’s rebuilt an audience of 1.8 million subscribers with daily videos on her personal channel, ItsGrace. For most creators starting their channel over from scratch would be enough of a challenge, but it’s only one small corner of Grace’s ever-expanding universe of projects. In the last year, she’s starred in a movie, filmed a summer-long travel web series, taken her #NoFilter live to locations around the world, and started developing a talk show pilot for the E! Network. Instead of dying from exhaustion like a normal person, she’s set to host the Streamy Awards on Sunday opposite close friend and frequent collaborator Hannah Hart, and in between all of those activities she’s managed to develop her own podcast which is currently slaying the iTunes charts.

The show is called “Not Too Deep With Grace Helbig” and you may remember that Grace teased it for NMR during an exclusive video interview back in August. The weekly podcast will feature interviews with guests from Helbig’s extensive list of YouTuber friends and colleagues. The first episode, featuring special guest Tyler Oakley, went live on September 1st and has already climbed to #1 on the iTunes download charts.

As the title suggests Grace plans on keeping it light, relying on her signature comedic style to steer the conversation toward laughs instead of heartfelt confessions. In our interview Grace told us she drew inspiration from other successful YouTube podcasters like Rhett and Link whose podcast “Ear Biscuits” often delves into the serious side of YouTube life. Helbig jokingly suggested that she wanted to create “the exact opposite” of that experience with her show. Staying true to her origins as a YouTube creator, the podcast will also include a video teaser featuring highlights from the conversation and footage of the challenges that Helbig has devised for her guests.

Grace isn’t the first YouTuber to delve into podcast. Creators like Rhett and Link, Phillip DeFranco, Ray William Johnson, Kingsley, Toby Turner, and Shane Dawson have all experimented with creating audio content for their video audience. With a massively successful launch, it seems that Grace is poised to join the ranks of top tier YouTube podcasters, adding yet another item to her already extensive resume of a achievements. Episodes of “Not Too Deep With Grace Helbig” are available for free on iTunes and Soundcloud while video highlights will be posted on ItsGrace.