Has Twitter Surpassed YouTube In Value?

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The long and short answer? No. Absolutely not. We just didn’t think you’d click if we posed the question the other way around. Of course YouTube is more valuable than Twitter — now you’re just sticking around to find out how much more valuable the one site is over the other.

Well, analysts are now valuing the little site that Google bought for $1.65 billion in 2006 at a worth upwards of $40 billion. According to WallSt.com, YouTube is looking to grab roughly half of the $17 billion digital advertising budget projected for 2017.

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Twitter? Right now it’s lucky to be valued at $30 billion — with no clear revenue path, that number seems generous — far more than we would have guessed. Of course, when Google initially purchased YouTube, pundits were speculating that Google supremely overpaid; if Twitter can find a way to make them ducats, it actually stands a chance of living up to its hype.