How is A Kmart Commercial The Top Video On YouTube?


If you spend a lot of time thinking or reading about YouTube like I do, one of the questions you will encounter often is, “How can brands get good at YouTube?” The answers always vary and some brands do it better than others, but at the end of the day, most people just don’t want to watch a commercial. Even if you recruit popular creators, even if you let them do their thing their way and put your name on it, people are still skeptical about any content that comes with a product endorsement attached. That’s why we’re so surprised that the top video on YouTube right now is a Kmart commercial.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this. It’s a funny video, but it’s not THAT funny. It’s not cats doing human things, it doesn’t feature any YouTube creators that we know and love, and it’s not particularly risky. You could watch it with your grandma and she’d probably chuckle, but somehow its managed to post up at the top of the YouTube charts and it doesn’t seem to be stepping down any time soon. NMR has concocted a few valid theories to explain this.

  1. Spam bots have finally evolved into Skynet, YouTube is the first to fall and soon the world will be plunged into robot darkness.


  1. It’s a conspiracy, YouTube is promoting a major brand by sticking them at the top of the charts!


  1. Witches maybe? It could totally be witches.


  1. Let’s be real, it’s that second thing I mentioned.

Are we wrong? Is this Kmart video the best and most rad thing you’ve ever seen? Get at us and let us know!