I Like Goooooold: 7 Worst Gold-Diggers On YouTube

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 3.02.46 PM

Women have got to be careful in this day and age — there is a deluge of fast-talking scam artists who are just trying to get notches on the bed post. That being said, good guys have to watch out for girls who just want the BBD — bigger, better deal. Since we normally do the whole “praise the wonderful women of the world” thing with our Women Creative Wednesdays, we thought for a change it would be interesting to highlight the other side of the coin. Believe me, we TRIED to find one of gold-digging guys … apparently that doesn’t exist on the internet though. Here are seven videos showcasing the worst gold-digging that YouTube has to offer. Somehow, it’s no surprise that VitalyzdTV is the king of outing gold-diggers.

7. VitalyZDTV Scorches With The Lambo

6. The Gold-Diggers Anthem

5. UDsyde Films Flashes The Wad

4. The Gold-Digger Challenge

3. The Ol’ Bait and Switch

2. Model Pranksters Use “Fame” On Rutgers Girl

1. OckTV Breaks Up Couple With Lamborghini Lure