Instagram’s ‘Richest Kid’ Jailed For Selling Stolen iPhone

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So apparently he isn’t the richest kid on Instagram

Param Sharma has something of a gag account on Instagram — he’s the disgustingly “rich kid” known as Lavish P who is often seen in photos showing off his wads of money and wasting elite items without a care in the world. Whether it is an act or real narcism is debatable though — Sharma just got busted selling a stolen iPhone on Craigslist.

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Of course, Sharma claims the phone wasn’t his and that he was doing it as a favor “for a friend,” but what’s really making headlines is that allegedly Lavish P can’t afford his own $30,000 bond.

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Sharma’s lawyer though claims that this was more about police jealousy and punishing a brat than anything: ‘The police knew him and were unhappy with his social media accounts. $30,000 bail is not something that could be done for these charges,’ Sharma’s lawyer told Buzzfeed.

Hopefully the jail cell he’s in has Instagram — maybe he can show off all the cartons of cigarettes he got traded for?