Jailed ‘Richest Kid On Instagram’ Gets Twitter Love: #FreeLavish

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.45.48 AM

Lavish P, better known as “The Richest Kid on Instagram,” lesser known as Param Sharma had it all: Google Images, Adobe Photoshop, Instagram and the know-how to blend the three. What he apparently doesn’t have is lots of money or a good lawyer. Unable to make the $30,000 bail on his stolen iPhone charge, Lavish P now languishes in a jail cell. Perhaps the “P” in “Lavish P” stands for penitentiary?

But whether his money and his Instagram account were real or parody, one other thing Param Sharma has is supporters. A Twitter hashtag #FreeLavish has sprung up and been retweeted en masse.

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While it’s not clear if these people believe Lavish P is innocent or they’re just enjoying a little parody of their own, the internet feels a little connected to this “teenage playboy.” Love him or hate him, Lavish P is a part of online culture and apparently we want him back.

Stay up, playa.