Joey Graceffa’s ‘Eon’ Finally Hits YouTube

joeyIt seems like we’ve been waiting all summer for the premier of Joey Graceffa’s latest short film. Now the first installment has finally arrived. Joey announced the project earlier this summer, as a follow-up to his kickstarted funded web series Storytellers. Eon has a grander scope and features Graceffa in the lead role as a drifter helping a mysterious young boy evade capture by the FBI. The story will incorporate elements of action adventure and science fiction as Graceffa’s character races to solve a mystery confronting elements of his own past in the process.

Joey Graceffa is a prolific YouTube creator with a hundreds of daily vlogs, challenge videos, and let’s plays to his credit. He is also an aspiring film maker who has featured on popular web series like the Fine Brothers’ “MyMusic” and produced several self-funded music videos. His most ambitious recent effort was the multi-part teen fantasy “Storytellers” which Graceffa co-created and starred in. That project was launched via a Kickstarter campaign which leveraged Graceffa’s huge YouTube and social media audience.

The film is a collaboration between Graceffa and up-and-coming director Andrew Vallentine. Initially available through Vimeo’s on-demand service through an exclusive deal back in late July, it is only just now making its debut on YouTube. The film is Graceffa’s first but likely not his last. Joey has also been tapped by digital production company New Form Digital to be among the 14 YouTube creators who will develop their own short film projects in partnership with New Form.