John Green Responds To Fault In Our Stars Banning

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Considering that Mark Twain, J.K. Rowling and Bob Guccione have been banned from something at one time or another, I’d say John Green is on a pretty good list.

Green, one half of the Vlog Bros., took to his Tumblr yesterday to respond to the news that his smash success book, “The Fault In Our Stars,” had been banned from a middle school library in Riverside, Calif. because it dealt with “sexual themes and mortality.”

Having visited Riverside briefly, I for one am impressed the town has a middle school — I thought they went from being gutter urchins right into juvenile hall and then some sort of remedial work program career — but I guess you learn something new every day (except in Riverside).

Green, always the smooth diplomat, responded to this question:

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Damn. Now you know why he is successful and you’re just sitting there reading about him. Unless you’re from Riverside — I don’t think you get NewMediaRockstars in your jail cell.

Well, you probably have a phone some guard smuggled in via his butt.