L.A. Times Slams Shane Dawson’s ‘Ugly’ Film ‘Not Cool’

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It’s an interesting time to get a review saying that only “date rapists, racists and sociopaths would love your work” …

Shane Dawson’s project from The Chair — where he was given $800,000 and 20 days to film a movie, has just been savaged by the L.A. Times. The project, “Not Cool,” stars Dawson as a post-prom king trying to figure out what to do with his life and allegedly features feces eating, exposed genitalia and plenty of racist and sizeist humor. You know — the kind of stuff that isn’t exactly being received well right now.

The competition, offered by Starz reality channel show The Chair, gave two filmmakers a wad of cash and a time constraint to direct their version of a script by Dan Schoffer about emotionally lost college students. The other film, “Hollidaysburg” by director Anna Martemucci, comes out Friday. It will be tough for it to receive Dawson’s level of loathing by Times reviewer Robert Abele though.

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Abele who first tied Dawson’s work to something enjoyed by date rapists in the “Sam Pepper era” also goes on to say, “What “Not Cool” really is, though, is an abyss, an insult to the craft of filmmaking, storytelling and entertainment in almost every way, which is maybe what Dawson’s 10 million YouTube subscribers want. (There must be some reason they find him appealing.).”

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Damn. I guess one of the drawbacks of YouTube becoming part of the mainstream is that mainstream critics get to delight in attacking your work. But seriously, when someone levels an attack on your material that heavily, you might want to reinvestigate what you’re broadcasting and decide how far it’s going to get you in life.