LAPD To Twitter: DON’T Microwave Your iPhone

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So remember that joke post that was all the rage on Twitter a few days ago? The one about your newfound ability to charge your smartphone in the microwave? Yeah, according to the LAPD, don’t do that.

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The LAPD took to its official Twitter account to decry a hoax that lead folks to believe they could recharge their iPhone by putting it in a common household microwave. A minute-and-a-half on high was supposedly enough to give the new operating system a fully-charged battery. Neglecting that whole thing about metal in the microwave, apparently people were doing this and then complaining about it to the LAPD to the point that the boys in blue felt compelled to make a public service message.

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This falls under the hashtag #StupidLosAngeles. Sure, we want to believe that it was a bunch of entitled and rich holdover-from-the-80s “valley girl” types (like gag me with a spoon or whatever!). Probably though, it was a lot of grandmas who had just learned how to use the internet and were excited to try and use the hip new technology.

Sigh, it’s always the grandmas …

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