Lewis Spears Shreds Adrian Van Oyen’s Book: YouTube Feud!

Lewis Spears -- up-&-comer or YouTube bully?

Lewis Spears — up-&-comer or YouTube bully?

Apparently, YouTuber Adrian Van Oyen wrote a self-published book that wasn’t very good …

This review of Adrian Van Oyen’s book on how to have confidence by fellow YouTuber Lewis Spears on his LewReview segment made me f**king cackle. Do you know long it has been since I cackled? Me neither, because I don’t f**king cackle. But Spears delightfully skewers (ooh, wordplay) Van Oyen’s “work,” calls him a scam artist and then shares the free Mediafire link to Van Oyen’s book. Normally this is a book that would cost readers $35. As Spears tells it, you pay the money to Van Oyen’s personal PayPal account and he sends you the download link to a book that is poorly written and filled with giant lettering ripped off from other sources.

Not Van Oyen's best "non-creepy face" pic w/ Jenna Marbles

Not Van Oyen’s best “non-creepy face” pic w/ Jenna Marbles

Goddamn, it’s like burn after burn after burn. In the end, Spears encourages viewers to post this video on Van Oyen’s wall and piss all over him with it (metaphorically speaking, natch). Of course, we had to reach out to Van Oyen for comment. We’ll update if he responds. But watch this video and then be like me and subscribe to Lewis Spears’ channel. We need more people like him on YouTube. Of course, in Adrian’s defense, this is a case of a 30,000+ subscribed page going after a 1 million+ subscribed page. Ad hominem attacks on much more known creators are an easy way to gain views (and subscribers) — so is Lewis being fair or a whore? Ultimately, you get to decide.