Lizard Eating Bugs Hints At The Future of YouTube?

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 3.45.15 PM

Meet Calcifer — a bearded dragon with a voracious appetite. The below video of his feeding sesh was just uploaded to YouTube by his handler Calciferbeardiebae. Note all Calcifer’s “thought bubbles” digitally added to the footage (yup, Calcifer isn’t REALLY thinking those things). Those “thought bubbles,” mental emojies, or whatever you want to term them (we should have a damn contest to name ‘em), will likely play heavily into the future of YouTube.

These funny little bits of thought projected onto Calcifer make an otherwise stale video of a bearded dragon eating lunch into a funny and devestating saga of life and death in the food chain. By anthropomorphising the animals involved, both Calcifer and the crickets have become identifiable players in a profound drama.

Imagine the possibility.

This technique, this wizardry of video enhancement was not pioneered by Calciferbeardiebae — MagicofRahat has been adding funny little text annotations for a while now, with great and humorous success. But now it seems it is beginning to catch on and move throughout YouTube.

Soon you won’t just have to be skilled with a camera on YouTube, you’ll have to be witty as well. It should be a nice change of pace.