Lock Your Doors! The Silent Hills Trailer Just Dropped


Severed heads! Walls oozing with bugs! A blood-spattered corridor and some heart-pounding terror! No, it’s not my birthday party, it’s the new concept trailer for the latest addition to the Silent Hills franchise from Konami. The trailer was released at Tokyo Game Show last night and it’s hitting YouTube hard. The short trailer has already reached up 75,000 views in less than 24 hours, a figure that’s likely to climb as more fans of the horror franchise become aware of its existence.

Horror maestro Guillermo Del Toro made an appearance at the conference to introduce the trailer and this video certainly has his bloody fingerprints all over it. There’s also a playable teaser floating around out there, but the game is still in development for the time being. Based on the teaser, it looks like the imagery is going to be next level — as is the scare factor. Imagine wandering down this nightmare corridor wearing an Oculus headset!