Man Turns His House Into Gigantic Cat Maze

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.18.10 AM

Like a less demonic Jigsaw, this man with Asperger’s Syndrome has gone “most cat.” That rare internet designation, reserved for those who have so fully enveloped the cat owner lifestyle as to become a full servant for their feline friends, has turned his entire home into a cat maze.

Normally only the sort of thing discovered after a person has died and his beloved cats have partially eaten him, this news crew was invited into the home for an exclusive viewing of intense focus at work. It is both amazing and sad. Sad, because the man admits he’s not too good at being social (maybe this bit of fame can help with that) and amazing because the man has completely decimated the resale value of this house.

Still, good on him for doing his thing.