Megan Nicole’s Latest Video Has Us ‘Electrified’



It’s an understatement to say that the internet has waited eagerly for YouTube pop chanteuse Megan Nicole to drop the video for “Electrified.” The song is the first single off of her recently released EP “Escape” and it’s a dancey, 80’s-infused bop, perfect for leading a debut EP onto the iTunes charts. We’ve been enjoying the lyric video for over a month now and the single is available for download but let’s be real: video is what made Megan a star and we were not going to be satisfied until we got to see the music video for this jam.

Needless to say we’re not disappointed. If there’s one thing Megan Nicole knows how to do, it’s match up a kicky pop track to some fun visuals. The video bring back everything we love to remember about the 80’s — from big hair to neon spandex — and none of the things we don’t like…Ronald Reagan, I guess? Megan takes us back to the age of jazzercise and leg warmers with an aerobics workout theme that let’s her play with some of that era’s goofiest and most visually familiar trends.

The watch word for this video, and for the song itself, is fun. We mean that lyrically, the song is about having a good time and the electric rush of a new love, but also literally. Megan looks elated, the choreography is a little sharper and the star looks pretty electric herself bouncing to the beat of her own new song. It’s a deparature for Megan, who launched her career with imaginative covers of pop hits and has gradually transitioned into releasing her own sugary tracks. If this video is what she has in store for the “Escape” era then we’re here for it!