Mondo Partners With Toy Company For Kid-Centric YT Channel


I don’t know that I would consider kids aged 6-11 an “underserved” populus on YouTube (last I checked, kids LOVE fart videos), but that is the way Mondo Media wants to play it, so …

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Mondo, in their bid to keep being awesome on YouTube, has partnered with toy company Spin Master to form the channel SpindoTV. Names up for consideration might have also included “MoSpin,” “Spondo,” “Mondo Master” and “Mondo Media Presents: Spin Master — The Channel!”

Spin Master, which is considered a top 5 toy company by those in the know, is the maker of such toys as Paw Patrol Look Out Playset, Gabby, and Zoomer Dino (yeah, me neither, but then, we’re not 6-11). They’re also leading innovators of online games and content, so have some respect. In teaming with Mondo, Spin Master is looking to create an animated world of kid-focused, safe short-format programming. And hell, if it happens to move a few Gabby dolls, so much the better, right?

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“Spin Master has a full 360 degree view of the 6-11 consumer,” added Mondo Media’s CEO John Evershed, “YouTube’s massive kid’s audience, super-fun shows and toys. Sounds like a winning formula to me” (generic laugh — “You said it, John”).

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Considering that Mondo is best known for the murderously delightful “Happy Tree Friends” and “Dick Figures,” we were curious what the hell Spin Master was thinking.

“We are excited for our new partnership with Mondo Media,” stated Josh Fisher, Spin Master Executive Producer. “Over 80% of YouTube’s audience lives outside of North America; this lines up nicely with Spin Master which is a truly global company. SpindoTV is a great opportunity for us to generate new ideas and to directly engage with our audience that didn’t exist a few years ago.”

Okay, that’s just a quote pulled from the press release — the guy didn’t really answer like a robot. Actually, NMR is something of an authority on online content and we think this should be an awesome partnership.

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Look for SpindoTV to debut in the first quarter (executive-speak that means “the first four months”) of 2015.

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