Music Gets LOUDR On YouTube Thanks To Fullscreen


Music is the talk of the town on YouTube, whether it’s YouTube’s effort to get their struggling streaming service off the ground or a one-time cover artist like Megan Nicole breaking out with her debut EP. No matter what way you slice it, music is a huge part of the YouTube experience — but it can also be one of the most challenging content genres to work in. Cover artists can do well for themselves on YouTube, but in order to do so they need to navigate the complicated world of song rights, licensing, and distribution for their work. That’s where Fullscreen is stepping in. The MCN has delivered an app that streamlines the process of monetizing your covers.

Loudr is a free app all-in-one app available to Fullscreen partners that automates all the major headaches involved with distributing music. While Loudr can also be used for original music it works most of its magic for creators who want to upload covers, remixes, and mashups. As YouTube creators as big as Michelle Phan have learned first-hand navigating the copyright process can be complicated. Loudr automatically secures a license for your cover from the rights holder. The app also acts as a distribution platform in its own right and allows users to distribute their music directly to iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play. Some of YouTube’s most prolific artists are already on board with Loudr. The musical maestros at AvByte gave it a glowing review saying, “Loudr is the only platform that enables us to work at the speed and efficiency that befits the time we live in. As independent artists, we’re so grateful for the amazing speed, reliability and accountability the Loudr team operates with. Sharing your music with the world could never be easier.

This isn’t Fullscreen’s first attempt at making life easier for music creators. Last year the company announced a partnership with Universal Music Group which would give Fullscreen creators access to Universal’s massive catalog of music. The relationship between record labels and YouTube creators has been rocky, almost since day one, Fullscreen’s efforts to step in as a moderator have removed considerable pressure for creators who just want their music to be heard.