New Tool Helps You Find Unpopular Things On Instagram

We all know the pain of lovingly posting a photo on Instagram only to have it receive zero likes. (I don’t actually know what that’s like but I can imagine) Now a new site is aim to change all of that. NoLikesYet.Com is an interesting idea that is either deeply altruistic, entirely evil, or useless, take your pick. One you log in using your Instagram credentials NoLikesYet does exactly what its name suggests: it surfaces photos that no one has deigned to like yet.


There are a few potential uses for a site like this. One possibility is that it let’s you rack up a little good karma by dolling out some like to the unloved orphan photos of Instagram. That’s one idea anyway. A less generous person might suggest that the site is really only good for surfacing garbage that everyone else has wisely ignored. Then again, there may be some underappreciated gems out there if you’re willing to sort through Instagram’s trash to find them. A third option is that that site is just a mean-spirited way of pointing out who the least popular kids in the room are.


No Likes Yet has a few different settings. It can surface all the unliked photos on all of Instagram for those who feel like going on a treasure hunt. If you’d rather keep it close to home you can focus in on just the the people you follow. Throwing a few likes at a friend’s neglected picture might be an easy to get into your friends good graces, or to look like a super attentive stalker, depending on your relationship. Finally, if you want to mess with your own head, you can zero in on just your own unliked photos, a great tool for anyone suffering from too much self-esteem. Overall, NoLikesYet is one of those curious tools of the social media world that doesn’t have a clear purpose yet, but users are sure to give it one.