NFL Picks Vine As Their Go-To Social Media Platform

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Say what you want about Vine’s place in social media; the NFL seems to have a pretty high regard for it.

Because most of the NFL’s plays last less than six seconds, Vine has become a perfect medium for several NFL teams to interact with the community and build brand relationships. Two of the main teams involved in the push to Vine include the San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles, both popular organizations within the National Football League.

“The thinking for Vine was, ‘Let’s come up with a concept that’s truly unique’,” said Scott Kegley, the 49ers Senior Manager of Digital & Social Media. “…You start to realize how rare it is to do something that is truly unique and never been done before in sports. This was that moment.”

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In addition to on-the-field footage, the teams will have behind-the-scenes footage, funny bits and maybe even something tying in the jeans brand Levis — with whom the 49ers have a brand partnership.

Already the 49ers have named their campaign — wait for it — #FortyViners!

Oh wait, you probably already read that on the title pic. Dammit!