NMR Spotlight: Dottie Martin


One of the less talked about dimensions of the recent Sam Pepper controversy is the fact that the most high profile victim to come forward is herself a YouTuber. Dottie Martin has been creating videos on her channel ThisBeDottie for over a year and she’s racked up over 80,000 subscribers with her jack-of-all-trades channel. Dottie is the quintessential YouTube vlogger. Posted up in her bedroom with a camera and an internet connection, she gives us a window into her mind and her world. Getting to know Dottie’s channel is a lot like getting to know Dottie herself. Here’s some things that we learned:

Dottie challenges stereotypes and unreasonable expectations. Here she is taking on one of the greatest lies of our generation, “Disney Princess Hair.”

She’s got a pretty good ear which she demonstrates in this collab video with her pal Patty Walters, the pop-punk prince of British YouTube.

She knows the power of imagination. Here she is recounting her many heartbreaks at the hands of fictional characters. Who can’t relate?

She’s not afraid to voice a controversial opinion, even if it means staring down the the full force of the TFIOS fandom.

She’s into brightening other people’s day with positive pranks like leaving anonymous notes to cheer up strangers.

Mostly what we learned about Dottie is that she’s a bright young creator who’s already well on her way to YouTube stardom, but she took a brave detour to look out for the community. We highly recommend that you check out her channel.

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