NMR Spotlight: Hannah Witton

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Hannah Witton is a vlogger from the UK with a penchant for sex-positive education, Harry Potter, and history — she’s even got a degree in that last one. She’s been uploading videos to YouTube since 2011 and has over accumulated over 4 million videos views and 66,000 subscribers. Hannah’s got that nerdy charm you can’t help but watch, but if that’s not enough of a sell, here are a few more reasons to check out her channel.

She’s frank about pulling back the curtain when it comes to relationships (that includes sex), even when it comes to the stuff that may seem a little sillier sometimes.

She’s more than happy to learn new things alongside her viewers (and has some great collaborators, too).

She doesn’t shy away from personal and sometimes uncomfortable topics.

…no, but really. If she doesn’t make you uncomfortable with the amount of times she says “moist” in this video, you are truly an unyielding force of nature.

And she’s got an awesomely out of control “Cups” collaboration video from a YouTube gathering. So. Many. Cups.

Hannah has over 100 videos on her channel, and some excellent collaborations with other familiar YouTubers. She’s constantly working to improve the content and quality of her videos and we gotta say, it shows. Looking forward to whatever’s next, Hannah!

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