NMR Spotlight On … Black Nerd Comedy

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Black Nerd Comedy is absolutely my go-to channel for all things adorably geeky. Andre Meadows, if we were in a “Stand By Me” gang together would be the Verne character — the pudgy loveable goofball. I like to think I would be the Gordy Lachance character, but the reality is I would likely be more of a Kiefer Sutherland’s toady-type — the weasel-looking asshole who stands behind the main bad guy and goes “Yeah!” whenever his boss said something. But you know what? I think Andre Meadows would still be nice to me. His channel has been around for a long time — seven years. Which in YouTube time is practically an eternity. That timescale puts Black Nerd Comedy on par with the likes of the “Numa Numa” kid.

Except, impressively, Black Nerd Comedy is still relevant. More relevant today than it was back when it had its poorly-lit, soft-spoken beginnings … back before Andre discovered his “true self.” Take a look back at this first video — it’s sort of hard to believe this young man would go on to have over 300,000 subscribers hanging on his every bad joke or candid admission.

Black Nerd Comedy’s First Vid:

545 videos (on his first channel — the dude’s got others!) later, Andre is uptempo, exciting and, dare I say, confident in his content. Mining the genres of 80s-90s pop culture as well as technology, he’s crafted a brilliant and very lucrative niche for himself in the busy world of vloggers. He’s so non-threatening and comfortable with his own goofy self you totally don’t want to have him at a sleepover because he’s the guy who would keep you up all night by talking to the screen while he played Super Mario Bros. 2. Basically, he’s Urkel.

Though he’s experimented with his channel content and formatting over the years:

(Black Nerd Comedy Four Years Ago … in letterbox?)

He’s always stayed true to who he is: a black nerd. I’ve never quite understood the difference between black nerds and other nerds (I think black nerds are perhaps more elusive and rare), but there probably isn’t a more apt channel name out there.

And as YouTube continues to grow and change and refine itself, I get the notion that Black Nerd Comedy will stick with it — somehow just getting nerdier and nerdier. And that’s pretty damn cool.

Black Nerd Comedy today:

Yeah, hipster Sonic makes us laugh too.