NMR Spotlight On … Breaking Madden

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Since we talked about the intersection of gaming and Hollywood already today, we might as well mention the co-axis of gaming and sports. Specifically “Madden.”

The “Madden” series, the much-ballyhooed NFL juggernaut that allows gamers to be the coach, player and star of their favorite NFL teams has always been singled out for its authenticity amongst sports games. And as the series has progressed, it has only gotten more authentic. You can now set individual strengths and weaknesses for each player — and that’s where Breaking Madden comes in.

Predominantly a real-life sports reporting site, SB Nation isn’t exactly the sort of blog where you’d expect to find silly video game “hacking.” But there it is, offered up in amazing analysis by site writer Jon Bois.

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“Breaking Madden” is an off-YouTube series (with an on-YouTube channel that shows each week’s “trailer”) dedicated to the sort of what-if hacking you do once you’ve completely mastered a video game. What if one team was seven-feet-tall but slow and the other team was 5-feet-tall but lightning quick? Who would win? What if non-running quarterback Teddy Bridgewater had to run the ball on every play, would the Vikings still win? These are the sorts of questions asked by Breaking Madden in its fantasy speculations.

While you don’t have to be a sports nut to appreciate the GIFs Bois uploads from his gaming misadventures, it definitely helps. The “Breaking Madden” series ebbs closer to answering the sports world’s “what-ifs” than the gaming world’s queries, but it’s addicting for nerds of all ages nonetheless. Probably because “Breaking Madden” allows us to posit real world hypotheses and get some damn answers. Oh, and did we mention that there are beautiful montages of Madden games set to pop music? Yeah, it’s pretty cathartic.

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