NMR Spotlight on … Katie Wilson!



After a while everyone on YouTube develops a pretty distinct identity, whether it’s the girl you think of as an awkward older sister or the guy you want to take a road trip with. For Katie Wilson, it’s the girl you want to invite you over to binge watch “Game of Thrones.” Whether it’s cosplay, movie reviews, or parody music videos, Katie delivers all things fun and geeky mixed with a little slice of life from the occasional travel or daily vlog.

Katie’s first video dropped back in 2012 — just in time for Comic Con, and you might notice some familiar faces in the background. That’s because even before she launched her own channel, Katie was a regular on YouTube, appearing in the web series “Walking in Circles” and guesting on Black Nerd Comedy with pal Andre Meadows. Here’s a cut of classic Katie playing Princess Peach back in the day.

Since then, she’s quite literally done it all. Her song parodies invoke pop music and geek culture. We particularly love this one where she’s mashed up Katy Perry’s wide awake with that eternal gamer problem, getting fragged:

But don’t think that the YouTube community is safe from Katie’s loving parodies. Here she is giving us her take on Lindsey Stirling, YouTube’s dubstep violin superstar. Behold, the worlds first and possibly only dubstep kazoo.

Her most recent series is a surprise so epic it’s basically mind-blowing. An entire week of Hyrule Warrior game play garaunteed to make the Zelda fans out there die of joy.

Basically, Katie’s got something for everyone so hop over to her channel and check it out. Tell her NMR sent you so that she finally invites us over for “Game of Thrones” night!