NMR Spotlight: Shot Science


Confession: I have never played basketball. I’m acutely aware of this fact because I am tall and so people always say to me “You should play basketball!” or “Did you ever play basketball?” Then I have to explain that no, I have never played basketball because I am clumsy and fall down a lot. Then I usually trip over something or accidentally set myself on fire just for emphasis. Now though, thanks to the magic of YouTube, I can totally just fake it.

Shot Science is billed as “Basketball for your brain” and that’s exactly what the team, led by Coach Tom Curtiss, provides. The Shot Science team can unpack everything from the simple mechanics to the complex strategy of the game.  Their library of videos is like having basketball wisdom downloaded directly into your frontal lobe. It’s great for players looking to bring up their game or for beginners and the inept like yours truly. With their help you can learn to play, or at least talk, like a pro in no time.


Coach Tom has a ton of awesome quick tutorials that break down individual skills like reading a rebound based on how the shot was released. In this case it all comes down to some simple geometry.


Sometimes even the most perfect explanation isn’t enough. So the Shot Science team has also made great use of the slow-mo cam to provide a detailed look at the mechanics of a perfect shot. Sometimes it’s tough to master body positioning and movement if you can’t visualize it


They’ve also got connections, so if you get tired of taking your tips from the Shot Science team you can click over to get some focused advice from pro players like Dewayne Dedmon, who definitely knows how to work a rebound.


The real bread and butter of the Shot Science channel recently have been live shows. The team makes use of Google Hangouts to take fan questions in an interactive hour that also includes interviews, special guests, and some smart talk about the culture of the game. They tend to run longer than your average YouTube video but they’re definitely worth your time. Check them out if you want to spend an hour hanging out with the guys who know the game inside out.

Shot science has something for everyone, whether you’re a player, a longtime fan, or a beginner in both. It’s always fun to spend time with someone who wants to share their passion for the game and that’s the experience you’ll get from Shot Science.

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