NMR’s 7 Favorite Brock Baker Vines

When we talk about social media stars, Viners and YouTubers often get lumped together in an amorphous selfie-taking blob, but the truth is that the two platforms couldn’t be more different. They require a totally different set of skills and talents and only the most special of snowflakes can succeed in both. That’s why we’re so totally impressed with Brock Baker. He’s an OG YouTuber who by our calculations is celebrating is 8 years on YouTube this month but he’s killing it as a crossover Vine star. Check out our seven favorite Brock Baker Vines:

Angry Man Reads A Teen Magazine is a (hopefully) ongoing series that pokes fun at the insanely bombastic tone of mags like Seventeen. Over the top titles deserve an over the top reading.
One of the greatest features of Vine is that it lets you convert anything that’s happening around you into a snappy joke. Even a Jeopardy category can be wrung for laughs. YouTube comedy tends to be more polished but Vine lets us see your natural sense of humor in the wild.

It’s also a great way to respond immediately to a situation. To be honest this Vine sums up our feelings about Sam Pepper more neatly than any wordy editorial or long winded video think piece.
He’s also great at taking shots at tired Vine trends. This one captures our feelings about the whole #BaeBeLike genre pretty perfectly.

Brock’s Impression skills also play well on Vine. Here he’s replaced Katy Perry with Michael Caine, which is something we should consider doing in real life.
We’re even willing to forgive his hilarious transgressions against cartoon classic Doug. Frankly it might be an improvement.

Overall this pretty much sums it up.

Brock is one of our favorites and he’s definitely follow on Vine and YouTube. Check him out and tell Brock that we sent you.
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