NMR’s 8 Favorite Stop-Motion Viners


Vine is an awesome way to capture a six second slice of life or deliver some well executed slapstick comedy. For some Viners creating a perfect clip isn’t as easy as capturing six seconds of footage. Some Viners spend hours or days meticulously crafting their videos frame by frame. The results are some of the coolest on Vine. Check out this list of NMR’s favorite stop-motion Vine artists:

These days Hunter Harrison makes Vines pretty much exclusively for brands, but don’t let that fool you. His content is still pretty rad. Just check out this awesome Vine greeting card just in time for Fall.
Jethro Ames has built a whole career out of playing with his food.
Meagan Cignoli knows how to put together a look, even if she’s not actually in it.
Vanilla Gorilla works with all different materials but I’m partial to the classic claymation myself.
Kaif has done work for social media sites like Whisper. Here’s his take on the Flappy Bird phenomenon.
David Schwen brings Emoji to life. Need I say more?
I’ve definitely mentioned Khoa before but his paper stop-motions are my favorite thing on Vine.
Jason Coffee makes cool things. This video is from his second channel but I personally think it deserves first rate treatment.