NMR’s Guide To Bethany Mota’s 7 Best YouTube Videos

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Since Bethany Mota was cast in “Dancing With The Stars,” she’s become the poster child for YouTube fame. And since we’re huge Bethany Mota fans, we can’t get enough of her. But considering the rest of “DWTS’” audience, they might not know Bethany as well as we do. So we’ve decided to help our less-informed friends out with a handy guide to our seven favorite Bethany Mota videos.

As a style creator, Bethany spends her time showing off all the swag she gets in her haul videos — but those are just one aspect of her career and personality. In addition to her bubbly personality and positive presence online, Bethany also does “Motavatours” — sessions where she goes to spread good cheer and positive values to her fans around the country. It’s pretty easy when you watch her videos (especially the following seven, our favorites) to see why the rest of America will fall in love with her like YouTube has.

7. Draw My Life

This was only last year, but she’s done so much since then that we think she’s due for a round two.

6. Getting Ready For Prom

Love, love love this video because it reminds us that only a year ago Bethany was a wide-eyed high school senior. Now she’s dancing with stars. Scratch that: she is a star.

5. Morning Routine: Fall Edition

Really you can’t go wrong with any of her Morning Routine videos, but since Fall is sneaking right up on us again, we figured this one would be perfect AND useful.

4. Room Tour!

The professionals in us know that this is her “old room,” but the stalkers in us don’t care (plus it’s not her old, old room tour vid)! We are basically docents of the Bethany Mota museum and this is an archived piece of history. Plus, some stuff got carried over to the new room, so there. Besides, it’s the one video everyone was dying to see way back when.

3. DIY Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

Since we’ve gotten to know her, Bethany has been Red Riding Hood, Carly Rae Jepsen and Dorothy for Halloween. But our favorite has been her DIY Wonder Woman costume complete with cool easy-running kicks.

2. Funny & Cute Moments

Probably a cheat video for us because it’s more a compilation video from someone else’s channel than a regular “professional” Bethany Mota YouTube video, but we’ve loved this vid since it was released in February.

1. Bethany Mota Singing

Is there any better way to learn someone’s personality than by how they sing along to the radio?