Now on Facebook: The Annoying Orange!

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Depending on how many singular users Facebook has, the proverbial plum is now even sweeter for The Annoying Orange. Double-dipping his channel, Dane Boedigheimer has extended his brand empire into the realm of Facebook and its bid to out-YouTube YouTube. Making all his videos available on a dedicated page, Boedigheimer is looking to stretch his animated creation out to the world that doesn’t currently allow YouTube. Looking at you, Iran.



Boedigheimer is not alone in his exploration of the Facebook video scene either — Disney has been moving its channels over to encompass both mediums, as have Maker Studios and Collective Digital (of whom The Annoying Orange is a client).

“Our partnerships team regularly has conversations with content creators about how to best utilize all of Facebook’s offerings, video included,” said a Facebook spokeswoman to the WSJ. “Beyond that, we don’t have anything to share at this time.” Ooh, touchy.

Facebook isn’t exactly new to the video realm however. Frequently they rank number two behind Google in video searches. So while this isn’t exactly a new enterprise for Facebook, they certainly seem capable of becoming the first legitimate contender to YouTube’s long-held video crown.