Our 10 Favorite Minecraft Channels


The world of Minecraft was rocked this morning by the news that Mojang, the indie game developer that built Minecraft, would be sold to software giant Microsoft for a pricetag totaling some $2.5 billion. YouTube’s Minecraft community was quick to respond with words of support, confusion, and concern about the deal and what it might mean for the future of Minecraft content. With the Minecrafting world potentially on the verge of being turned upside down, we thought now would be a good time to highlight some of our favorite YouTube Minecrafters:

1. ) SkyDoesMinecraft – No list of Minecrafters would be complete without Sky. He’s the most subscribed Minecraft creator on YouTube with over 10 million subscribers. He’s done just about everything from Let’s Plays to Mod Pack Reviews to the occasional Minecraft Music Video.

2. )TheSyndicateProject – Better known as Tom Cassell in the real world Syndicate has been all over the gaming map. His YouTube and Twitch channels have covered everything from Halo, and Modern Warfare to Call of Duty, he first delved into Minecraft Let’s Plays with “The Minecraft Project” and the rest is history.

3. ) CaptainSparklez – Or Tom Maron as he is sometimes called IRL is another prolific gamer who has dabbled in dozens of titles but Minecraft is still his home. Like his peers he’s produced everything form Let’s Plays to music videos. One of his most popular was the Psy parody “Minecraft Style;” the video ran into some copyright problems with Sony, but has since been restored. With Microsoft in charge, Minecrafters might want to gear up for a lot more copyright disputes.

4.) StampyLongHead – An up-and-coming star in the Minecraft scene, Stampy has Let’s Plays for everything from “The Sims 4” to “Ni No Kuni” but like our other faves, Minecraft is the key to his heart. He recently teamed up with Maker Studios for an educational Minecraft series. Unlike many other creators, Stampy has a long history of playing Minecraft on XBox so he probably has less to fear than anyone in the #Minecrosoft future.

5. )TheDiamondMinecart – Like Stampy, The Diamond Minecart is a recent addition to the Maker team. He’s also a master of the Minecraft mini-game, the fan-built challenge games that run on private and public fan servers. These mini-games are popular with Minecrafters, but depending on how Microsoft decides to treat fan-made content, they could be a thing of the past.

6. )Minecraft Universe– Let’s Plays, mod reviews, modded series, and even tutorials, Jason Probst is your one-stop-shop for just about every kind of Minecraft content you can think of.

7. ) The Cube – It’s not a channel so much as a massive collab, but we couldn’t let this list go by without mentioning how much we love The Cube. The Cube is a massive survival server where some of our favorite Minecrafters come together to cooperatively build a world. Together, the revolving cast of Cube members have build a whole Minecraft economy complete with individual homes and a spawn village filled with homemade shops. The Cube combines the skills of every type of Minecraft player, from technical wizards like ThatOneTomahawk and Kermit plays, to talented builders like Bayani and StrauberryJam. The cube has over 20 members and is still one of the most creative Minecraft projects we’ve seen.

8.) Joey Graceffa – Minecraft isn’t just for the gamers. Some of YouTube’s biggest stars have launched gaming channels with Minecraft as their center piece. Vlogger Joey Graceffa get’s pretty pumped up playing Minecraft Survival Games, a modded version of Minecraft that borrows elements from the popular Hunger Games Series.

9.) iJustine – Joey’s not the only vlogger living that Minecraft life. Everyone’s favorite early adopter iJustine finds plenty of time for Minecraft in between bouts of Call of Duty on her gaming channel.

10.) ShepSquared– One of the newest additions to the Minecraft landscape is Will Shepherd. Star of the long running LGBTQ Daily Vlog Shep689 will has recently branched out into gaming and found himself comfortable home in Minecraft. He operates his own “Shepcraft” Server along with playing mini-games and collabing with everyone from Joey Graceffa to the Cube gang.