NMR’s 5 Favorite Videos From Hot Pepper Gaming


It’s a tough life for game reviewers out there. It’s a competitive field now that everyone with an internet connection is free to weigh in on their favorite and least favorite games. Fortunately, the team at Hot Pepper gaming have found a way to SPICE THINGS UP! (This is my laziest joke ever. Did you like it?) For those not in the know the Hot Pepper team mixes their game reviews with reviews of some of the world’s spiciest peppers. Reviewers have to talk us through the ups and downs of their chosen games while trying to keep their mouths from bursting into flames. It’s journalism with a physical challenge twist and we can’t stop watching! We literally can’t! Please send help! While we’re here trapped helplessly in their thrall, here’s a list of our five favorite Hot Pepper Gaming Videos:

1. This might be the only review of Plants Vs. Zombie that could have ended in a fatality. We’re pleased to report that The Jovenshire is alive and well over at Smosh Games

2. Apparently being forced to review Goat Simulator wasn’t painful enough for Erin Schmalfeld, so she added the physical challenge of downing a shot glass of ghost pepper hot sauce. This did not, to our knowledge, result in her actually becoming a ghost.

3. A dedicated YouTuber will do anything for a good collab and Neil McNeil is nothing if not a dedicated YouTuber. He made it through his review of the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix but his struggle was real.

4. At least Jared Rosen had the decency to apologize to his body before putting it through his Deadpool review. I admire his commitment …
though, his rasping pepper-obsctructed death voice is a great attempt to replicate Deadpool’s mysterious signature speaking style .

5. Just make sure you’re not worried we’re featuring Jared in our number 5 pick as well, just to prove that he made it out of the Deadpool review alive. This is Hot Pepper’s latest release as Jared takes on head-numbing Szechuan peppers and drools his way through a review of the blockbuster game Destiny which you may remember had the biggest release in history last week thanks to YouTube.

What’s your favorite HPG Video, let us know and share this article with your friends to spice up their day! (Again, this joke, it just calls out to me)